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4th Moon discovered around Pluto

posted Jul 29, 2011, 9:16 PM by Mike White
Pluto has always fascinated people and since 2006 when it was stripped of its official planet status there has been more interest than ever before. Heres a short news item regarding Plutos newest discovery.

The most recent image from Hubble of the Plutonian system has revealed a 4th moon around the Dwarf Planet. The news comes as the New Horizon spacecraft makes its way towards the Dwarf Planet on its 9 year journey to reach Pluto. Temporarily named P4, the Moon comes as a surprise to astronomers and increases the chances of the theory that there could even be rings around Pluto. The Hubble image was taken on June 28 with Hubbles Wide Field Camera and follow up observations have confirmed the discovery. The Moon was previously unnoticed and took a particularly long exposure image to show up due to its faint appearance. There remains much to be discovered about Pluto and the associated Kuiper belt objects and the New Horizons mission will eventually tell us much more when it reaches the Plutonian system in the year 2015.