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Aurora Alert for Lower North Island West Coasters!

posted Jun 15, 2012, 12:15 AM by Stephen Chadwick

Graham Palmer of Hastings has sent through this promising news about the possibility of a strong auroa australis display on Saturday, June 16th.Issued at 03.38UTC June 15, 2012. (3.38PM NZ standard time, June 15)

Hi everyone. Large sunspot 1504 has produced two long duration M-class flares and associated CME's in the past 24 hours. The second is a fast moving cloud (over 1,300km/sec) that is expected to catch up with the first and then impact earth at about 10:16 UTC on the 16th (just after 10PM Saturday night here in New Zealand. A period of strong geomagnetic storming is possible in the hours following impact. At impact, the Bz is predicted to initially turn north, but then swing strongly south, a condition favouring auroras.

Observers at high & mid latitudes should be alert for auroras.

Sunspot 1504 still holds potential for even larger flares in the coming days.

At present, velocity is 330 km/sec. Density is 1.4, Bt is 3.9 and Bz is +0.5. The predicted Kp index for the next hour is 1.

If you see any auroral activity, please use this form to make a report:

Clear skies & good luck.