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Cosmological Confusion: Tamara Davis Lecture by Alan Little

posted Sep 23, 2014, 1:27 AM by Stephen Chadwick

Dr Tamara Davis
(University of Queensland, Australia)

"Cosmological Confusion"

Dr Tamara Davis, the distinguished astronomer from the University of Queensland, Australia spoke to a crowd of some 114 people at Levin’s Waiopehu College on Monday evening 22nd September and next morning to students from the district's Colleges also at Waiopehu.  

Horowhenua Astronomical Society was delighted to be given the privilege of hosting Dr Davis who is in New Zealand speaking as part of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand 2014 Beatrice Hill Tinsley Lecture series.  Dr Davis is a young and inspiring cosmologist who spends her time investigating why the expansion of the universe is accelerating and was part of the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey, which made one of the largest ever maps of galaxies in the universe using supernovae to measure the properties of “dark energy”. She proved to be an excellent engaging communicator who turned complex concepts into everyday language.

Dr Davis obviously enjoys making science accessible to the public and interacted very well with the audience. For more information about our guest please visit her private web page: