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Levin "Night Glow" event on Saturday 23 April 2011

posted Jul 29, 2011, 9:01 PM by Mike White
The Levin Stargazers stall at the Night Glow hot air balloon event was a great opportunity to meet many people interested in stargazing, and also some old friends! As it was a cloudy day and evening, the solar observing and the stargazing couldn't happen. Instead the telescopes were pointed at some far-away objects like tree tops or lamp posts, to give a feel for the magnifications we often use for stargazing (as in the picture below). 

The telescopes, the table with information about the monthly star party at the Levin Adventure Park, the planispheres, and the astronomy magazines, provided interesting talking points. Many passers-by stopped for a chat, or to ask some curious questions. There were questions like "what is a good telescope to start with?", "what kind of things can you see with that telescope?" and "how does a planisphere work?". Advice was shared about easy ways to get started with stargazing. 

It was a marvelous event, and the balloons put on a great show! After the end of the event, we finished a great day out by throwing a special frisbee, which lit up in the dark in bright colours as it spun around! Thanks to all who helped on the day.

Sharing the views through the telescopes

Hot air balloons in action

Cheers everyone,
Mike Stapel