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Solar Eclipse Captured by Stargazers!

posted Dec 2, 2011, 1:53 PM by Mike White
Following on from Mike Stapel's excellent blog post on the recent partial solar eclipse, it was awesome to discover that Levin Stargazers members Mike Nicholson and Terre Maize-Nicholson had managed to capture images from Otaki Beach.  Because NZ was one of the only places on Earth that this eclipse was visible from, there was much interest from around the globe and the Nicholson's soon found their images being picked up by many large news agencies.  

Terre describes the experience in her email to us:-
"Mike and I were fortunate enough to photograph the eclipse.  Mike put his pics up on a space weather site and picked it up and interviewed him.  I sent some of my photos as well.  The story was then picked up by yahoo, MSNBC, CBS News, and Fox.  And the Kapiti Observer also interviewed Mike and there's a story in the paper that came out this week.  The links are at:
I think this may have been our 15 minutes of fame. :)"

Our heartiest congratulations to Mike and Terre!

Clear skies!
Mike White