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What would you take to Mars?

posted Jul 29, 2011, 8:48 PM by Mike White

In the middle of January 2011, Romanian-born Kiwi and long-time supporter of Levin Stargazers, Haritina Mogosanu, will travel to Mars! Well, OK, the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah, USA will have to do for now, but believe me, she will be first in line for the real thing when the time comes! Haritina has been invited to join a team sponsored by the Romanian Space Agency to conduct 2 weeks of intensive research in the Mars-like conditions of the Utah desert. 

You can read about Haritina's exciting journey and her thoughts on what she would pack if she were really going to Mars at

Congratulations on being selected to participate in this fantastic project Haritina, and don't forget to pack your iPhone!