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Total Solar Eclipse 2038

On Boxing Day, 2038, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the lower North Island and upper South Island of New Zealand!  In fact, the mid-line of totality passes directly through the Horowhenua, Palmerston North and Tararua districts!  The map below shows the path of totality, and can be zoomed in or out.  If you click a point on the eclipse path, it will display all the relevant eclipse information at that point.

Total Solar Eclipse Path 2038

Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA's GSFC

Eclipse Path

(Click image to view full-size)NASA Eclipse Data  

Roads Where the Centre Line of the Path of
the Great Lower North Island Total Solar Eclipse of Boxing Day 2038 will pass.

Matakarapa Road
State Highway 1 – Whirikino Trestle
Langley’s Rd/Kerekere Road
Poplar South Road
Foxton-Shannon Road
State Highway 56 by Te Rewa Road
Okuku Road
State Highway 57 south of Tokomaru
Albert Rd
Tokomaru East Road at Horseshoe Bend Reserve 2.12km north of Maungaharakeikei Falls (the 2nd longest waterfall in the North Island)

Scotts road 6 times on the saddle below Mt Kaihinu

Nikau Road (2.7km south of Makomako)
Bridge Road
Ridge Road 3 times
Scarborough-Konini Road (just south of the Mangatainoka Bridge)
State Highway 2 (2.7km south of Pahiatua)
Kaitawa Road (just east of Pahiatua)
Pahiatua-Pongoroa Road (at Ngaturi)
Millers Road (at Ngaturi)
Coonoor Road (9km north of Makuri)
Waihi Valley Road (0.5 km south of Towai Rd junction and then 1.1km south of Waihi Falls)
Route 52 – Site 1 (4.8km south of Weber)
Route 52 – Sites 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 all at Ti Tree Point
Route 52 - Site 7 (1.2km north of Wimbledon)
Ireland Road ( north of Herbertville).

(List kindly prepared by Ian Cooper)