StellarFest 2014 Programme


Friday June 25th

4.30pm: Registration open

6.15pm: Official opening

6.30pm: Professor Tony Signal: "Gravitational Waves and Cosmology: Latest Results show Inflation Works!"


Observing and hot soup


Saturday June 26th

9.00am: Solar observing/imaging

10.30am: Jeremy Moss: “Telescopes – Beyond the Visible”

11.00am: Steven Keen: “Space Invaders – High Altitude Ballooning”

11.30am: Vicki Irons: “Catch a falling Star”

12.00pm LUNCH (Pizzas, Baked Potatoes and Sausages available)

1.00pm: Edwin Rodley: “Space news update”

1.30pm: Catherine Abou-Nemeh: “Comets in late 17th-Century Europe”


2.30pm: Frank Andrews: "The Astrophysics of Life"

3.00pm: Carl Knight: “Factors affecting Novae Ejecta”


3.30pm: BREAK


4.00pm: Owen Moore: “Planning and Constructing an Observatory for the Comfort-loving Astronomer”

4.30pm: Stephen Chadwick: “A Trip Around the Clouds of Magellan”


5.00pm: DINNER – Fish and Chip Supper (to order)

6.00pm: Ian Cooper: “Joining the Dots”


Observing and hot soup

 (Sir Patrick Moore: 84 and Counting (DVD) )


Sunday June 27th

9.00am: Solar observing/imaging

10.30am: Grant Christie: "A Galaxy of Planets: The search for another Earth"

11.00am: Peter Felhofer: “The Cosmological Scale”

11.30am: John Talbot: “Watching Stars go out (Occultation Observing)”


12.00pm: LUNCH (Pizzas, Baked Potatoes and Sausages available)


1.15pm: Otto Gruelbl: “Astronomy vs Astrology”

1.45pm: Closing



Observing will take place on Friday and Saturday night weather permitting

and thus the evening schedule may change to reflect this